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Starts a browser and executes a list of UI Actions.

  • url: URL to naviate to.
  • headless: If set to false, it will show the web browser window. Default is true.
  • actionList: A list of actions to perform.

A UI Action contains the following fields:

  • fieldName: Name of the field to control. Not required when using the actions WAIT OR ACCEPT_ALERT.
  • findByType: Determines how to find the field. Possible values: ID, NAME, XPATH, CSS. Not required when using the actions WAIT OR ACCEPT_ALERT.
  • action: Action to perform.
PRESSClicks on the requested field.
WRITEWrites in the requested field. Useful if the field is an input text or textarea.
SELECTSelects an item from the requested select list / dropdown based on name.
WAITWaits a certain amount of time. Amount of time is expressed in milliseconds.
ACCEPT_ALERTCloses an alert / confirm box.
  • value: Required only if used with the actions WRITE, SELECT and WAIT.
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