A Revolutionary automation tool

DopplerTask is a revolutionary open-source software that allows you to easily automate tasks. Whether it’s a bunch of bash scripts or just starting your car remotely, you can automate it. Build, run, reuse and share automations with anyone around the globe.

Run it now!

Run it with docker:

					docker run -d -p 8090:8090 -p 61614:61614 -v $HOME:/root dopplertask/dopplertask

(Optional) Download CLI:

					npm install -g dopplertask-cli

Free and Open Source

Licensed under MIT, you can run, share and distribute DopplerTask 100% free of charge.

Create your own actions

Create your own actions to integrate with third-party software, services and tools.

Your data, you are in control

Whether you run DopplerTask locally or in the cloud, you have 100% control over your data.

No-code mindset

The future is higher level no-code mindset

We think that the future of scripting and integrations should be with minimal to no-code. Things like setting up your development environment, designing the backend structure, and creating a hello world REST API takes too much time to do. DopplerTask hopes to replace that and allows you to easily create your own backend and also integrate towards other software, tools and services.